Referring Attorneys

Case Evaluation and Referral Assistance


Cases get complicated and take unexpected turns.  I am available to evaluate your case, accept referrals, and assist as needed for the case and your particular needs and circumstances.  Of course, I will generously share fees in the case with you, as permitted by applicable bar rules.

Trial Work

When a case needs to be tried, I look forward to helping. While not every lawyer enjoys trial work, I look forward to presenting a plaintiff's case at trial, or assisting in whatever capacity is needed to get the case ready to go to a jury for a verdict.  I have experience from working for several years for a trial court judge from whom I learned a lot, and after that, I helped manage difficult trials throughout the county, including MDL bellwether cases.  I have tried high-stakes cases as lead counsel in state and federal court, and have experience assisting others in a wide variety of trials throughout the country, including on a second-chair basis. I believe in supporting your existing relationships with your clients and helping you obtain the best result possible in their case.

Pretrial Litigation and Brief Writing

Most case work involves working the case up to maximize settlement and avoid trial.  For plaintiffs, that includes doing the case work and legal research necessary to avoid adverse rulings on dispositive motions.  I can lend a hand with case strategy, evaluation, deposition work, and other pre-litigation matters and have the experience to help your clients maximize their potential recovery.  I am happy to review your case and will work with you to set the case up for favorable settlement, or trial where necessary.  

While I have experience in all areas of pretrial, trial, and appellate case work, civil and criminal, state and federal, one area where I am especially experienced is brief-writing and expert challenges.  I can help with writing your briefs, performing legal research, forming creative legal theories, completing record-scouring for disputed facts, and finishing appellate work where needed.