Firm Announcements and Law Updates

State Farm, Campaign Finance Reform, and Buying Votes on Appeal?

If you could spend four million dollars to save over a billion dollars, I am sure everyone would agree that it would be a good investment.  Should you make the deal if you have to do it secretly, and if the deal is made with an eye toward undermining the American justice system? If you were a regular person who engaged it that kind of fraud, I am sure you would agree that you would likely end up underneath the jail.  If you are a large corporation in this country, the results are apparently different. Sadly, the rules that we live by in this country are broken in part because we, the people, have allowed things to get in such bad shape. . .

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Cerebral Palsy: When the Unspeakable Happens in the Delivery Room

Newborn infants can suffer cerebral palsy, other profound brain injuries, seizure, or even death, when their brains are deprived of oxygen (asphyxia or hypoxia) during labor and delivery.

I recently attended a specialized multiday workshop where I met with and learned from some of the top lawyers and medical experts in birth injury . . .

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New Georgia State Law: Holding Cell Phone Banned While Driving

Coming up later this summer, on July 1, 2018, a new Georgia law will take effect that will affect all drivers in Georgia, and hopefully make the roads a little bit safer.  

Maybe it is counterintuitive for a lot of people, but the new law does not go far enough to keep people from driving in a dangerous or irresponsible manner …

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